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self built tape “turntables”

self built tape “turntables”

A synthesizer for the iphone. as of now this is probablythe most advanced one. here is more info

New Gmail features as of today: Labels Move Up and Drag and Drop

Google’s data-crunching ways found that the majority of Gmail users aren’t actually using the webmail service’s labels. Starting today, those label names get higher placement, and drag-and-drop labeling aims to make Gmail’s labels more like familiar email folders. By placing users’ own labels higher up on the left-hand sidebar, right below the main Inbox/Starred/Sent/Drafts/All Mail destinations, Gmail admits that keeping them in their own box, stuck underneath the chat widget, implied they weren’t that important before. Fixes like those contained in Gina’s Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension and the “Go to label” keyboard shortcut in Gmail’s Labs section helped, but now labels are easier to reach, and kept more at the front of your email-clearing mind.

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the best iphone game i have played so far

Child Porn Is Apple’s Latest iPhone Headache

A photo ostensibly showing a 15-year-old nude girl has appeared in an iPhone app, highlighting Apple’s inability to safeguard its application store from prohibited content.

The image appears in the free app BeautyMeter, which enables people to upload photos that are then rated by others, who assign a star-rating to each other’s body parts and clothing. It’s much like an iPhone version of Hot or Not and many similar sites.

The photo to the right (censored by depicts a photo of a nude girl snapping a photo of her reflection in a mirror. In the screenshot, the girl, who is listed as a 15-year-old from the United States, is topless and partially nude at the bottom. Nearly 5,000 users of the app have rated the photo. iPhone app review site Krapps discovered the photo.